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Stripping down a 120mm Fan - Xilence

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Righto, any ideas?

Normally theres a little circlip and a washer under the sticker but not this one.

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Looks like the motor shaft is pressed into the plastic. I have seen that kinda thing before. If you manage to pull it apart it wont go back together right.
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Originally Posted by marcus000
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I think the word I'm looking for is, bugger!

Yep, many times the magnets and the wind to the motor are pressed onto the shaft as well. I have tried to take old ones apart for fun and they almost always break. If i manage to get them apart they wont go back together right so they are messed up anyway.
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I saw some fans like that. came with my antec 900.

I used 2 fingers under the circular part of the blades and just popped it off (dont pull by the blades!)

came out fine, and popped back in afterwards just fine. just make sure you dont rub off the grease, or if you do, put some more on afterwards.

Do not force plastic any more then you have to, if its not coming out, its not going to come out. just apply a little pressure but use common sense when you feel like you are going to break it.
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Are you just painting it Marcus? If you can't get it apart you can always just carefully tape it up.
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