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Students should check out these Adobe deals

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If your a student in one of the "accepted" schools these deals may be for you (if your interested in Adobe software). I won't post prices as some may think I am trying to sell, but I am just providing a link to the absoulest best prices on Master Collection,etc. e-mail Dan at [email protected] and see if your school is on the list. You will probably have to ask "Dan" for prices and qualifications as the Adobe prices are on a special page that not all can get too. Hope it helps someone.

Anybody have a good tip for Office 2007 (I am at the end of my downloads). I know there must be dozens of places to get Office,I was just looking for best deal. My schools deal is OK but I bet there are better deals out there.

I read a post about beta Office 2010, is the download from TechNet?
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The 2010 Office Beta is free through Microsoft: http://www.microsoft.com/office/2010/en/default.aspx

As far as Office 2007, I got it free through my school so I don't know of any other "student" deals. :\\
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Immortal,free is a good deal,thanks for the beta link,others probably appreciate it also. Is it a "ISO" burn like OS's and such? I will check it out myself if your are busy and can't respond, +rep

OK got it, i see it's just a normal download,no need to burn to DVD like Win 7 RC was.
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