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Stupid Question...

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I'm just curious, can I use two different frequency RAM together?

I just ordered an Athlon X4 with a motherboard with 4 RAM slots that supports DDR2 RAM all the way back to 400 MHz.

I ordered a stick of 2 GB 1066 MHz RAM and I have 2 sticks of 1 GB 533 MHz RAM from my old system. Can I use the three together or does it depend on which frequencies the CPU supports?
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I do believe that it will set all the frequencies the same.
So whatever the lowest is I guess.
But, no, all three frequencies have to be the same.
Damn, all three running at 533 will suck ass.

But what's better...

4 GB @ 533 or 2 GB @ 1066?

And say I don't overclock.
2gb at 1066
Theoritically they are the same though.
4x 533 vs 2x 1066
2132 vs 2132
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