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Sub £500/$600 Beginner digital piano for use with Flowkey/tutoring - must have heavy & robust key action like an acoustic piano

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Hello folks,

This thread is asking for recommendations for sub £500/$600 beginner digital pianos.

Primary need is the most accurate weighted keys similar to an acoustic piano as possible.
The only other requirement is USB midi for a PC connection and the use of Yamaha's Flowkey portal.

Based upon my research, contenders were varied, though not all are available here in the UK.

Anyway, my shortlist has so far narrowed down to:
Roland FP-10 which is said to have fantastic key action and also escapement (based upon the reviews I've seen) in this segment.
Alesis Prestige Recital (some reviews are less favourable of Alesis' hammer action)
Kawai ES110 (seems favourable in many ways but has a very light key action which puts me off)

I've ruled Yamaha out, as the P45 only has 64 polyphony, the P125 is outside of my budget, and the weighting and hammer action on them seems to be less favourable as a lot of the competition has caught up and overtaken Yamaha on that front (i.e. the Roland FP-10 above).

I've also ruled Casio and Korg out.

So if anyone owns either of the three above, or has any other recommendations, feel free to share them here.