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Hey OCers,

Thanks to Rajesh_K I've found the combination that works with the ASUS K8V Deluxe. Popular opinion holds that you can't get past 220fsb with this mobo and a A64 3200+ ClawHammer. Well these settings work for me and appearantly for Rajesh_K also. I'm currently running 230fsb and just scored a 4504 using pcmark04. I've run several stability tests and all previously failed tests are now passing with flying colors. If you need the settings just drop me a line. But remember the credit goes to Mr. Rajesh_K. If all goes well for the next couple of days with these settings I'll be spending my mobo money on extra ram and a new cooler. It appears that this setup works well without the AGP/PCI lock.

Best Regards,


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My sincerest apologies! I just found a review that ran the K8V Deluxe at 225 stable and benchmarked...I'm kind of confused now! I was under the impression it had neither the PCI nor AGP locks, but apparently it has a secondary PCI lock, (whatever that means) and it has to be that the AGP is tied to the RAM frequency.

NOW, the only way they made it to 230 was a memory ratio...but even being the case...thats SWEET! Maybe I just need to upgrade my cooling now!

Again, Brian, and Rajesh K...I apologize deeply for having been mistaken.

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Thank you,

but to let you guys know, I've been doing some testing on my system, and I have found that lowering the HTT frequency has made it possible to reach higher slightly stable speeds, Maxed was 2.37GHz, although, when trying to run 3dmark03 Video crapped out. But I have found it has stabilized my 2.31 GHZ speed. I suppose I should try to lower to 400MHZ instead of just to 600MHZ HTT maybe that will make the difference, I haven't tried fidling with the 16bit or 8 bit settings yet.

And another thought I had, was what if you set your CPU speed to 1800MHZ, and then fiddle with OC'ing?

Oh, and I have noticed, that without OC'ing my vid card, I am attaining higher FPS with a higher clock speed, can anyone shed light on why this is?

Anyways, right now I am running:

  • FSB 230-235
  • 1.7V CPU (at 235 u may need to goto 1.725)
  • DDR @ 2.8 (and ram limited to 400 @ cas 3)
  • AGP 1.5
  • Vlink 2.6
  • Auto
HTT is set to 16 Bit's both way at 600MHZ

Hope this helps you guys.
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