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Suggest me a good laptop cooler.

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I have an Acer Aspire 3100. specs

I OC'd it(1.6 to 1.8Ghz CPU, 300 to 400mhz IGP), w00tzorz =p and she runs a bit hot when i'm running CSS or any intense app. 78C is the hottest i've ever seen it on the core, and that was while running wing commander saga: prolouge(misspelled?) and it was in my lap, so not the best airflow.

Just got a new 5200mah battery today(stock is/was 2000mah
) I used to hate this POS and now it's finally starting to be useful now I've reformatted and all. no bloatware(w00t) and now i have a battery that lasts more than 50mins now, w00h00!

OK so I'd like to get a nice cooler for it.

My prefrences:


active cooler.(no cooling gel pad thingamabob unless you can prove it's really really a good idea)

fits a 15.4" WS laptop w/o extruding beyond the edge of the case.

And if possible very very portable so i can set it up just about anywhere(even my lap if need be), and in order for that to be applicable, probably USB powered as well.

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I used to have a Targus one from Best Buy, it had a couple fans that ran of USB. It worked pretty good.
i had something similar a few years back, cheap plastic thing off of ebay, but it worked fine.

i won't recommend anything specific, but if it's USB powered, make sure it has at least one USB port in it to replace the one it's using since laptops arent known for an abundance of them.
The Antec Notebook cooler thing is pretty nice.
hmmm.... seems like anything w/ a couple fans and a place to set ur laptop ontop of works. thx for the suggestions nonetheless, keep 'em coming...
stick something under it to give some more room for airflow. easy, in most cases free, and gives noticable results.
i put some rubber strips under my moms laptop, and the fan became more quiet as it now spins a lot slower.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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