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Suggest me a huge external hd please :)

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For Xmas, Id like to get a really big external hard drive. My requirements are :

~ At least 1.5tb, although Id prefer 2.0tb
~ External SATA .. if it has USB, thats ok, but I will only be using the eSATA port
~ Reliable brand, it will be used everyday, and accessed heavily.

Will be used on my rig listed below ..

I was considering this one, but unsure of the brand reputation:


Any ideas are appreciated .. thanx in advance !!
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Here's one on black Friday deal: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16822204094 2tb and esata $159+ shipping

Honestly i've never heard of either brands
Ive heard some good things about falcon drives, they use western digital hard drives if I remember correctly.
Get a reputable 2TB drive from Samsung, WD or Seagate, and a separate eSATA enclosure with cooling. Build it yourself.

Newegg had the Hitachi 32000 for $129 (after mail-in rebate) but it sold out.. the next one is $149.
There are quite a few enclosures to choose from, depends on your budget and style preference:
Reliable brand, it will be used everyday, and accessed heavily.
You would be foolish to get something without a fan because those will cook your drive.

Follow elfguy's HD suggestions and get an enclosure with a fan.

I always recommend the Antec MX-1.
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