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suggest me a microphone please :)

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in the close-future, I'm gonna Get rid of my SteelSeries 7Husb and buy (probably) the AD700 and creative titanium / titanium HD (my onboard sound card is dead so I have to use USB since I saves money for these new setup).

Well, Lets go to the point - as you know AD700 dont have microphone I want to buy one, I heard alot of the opinion about the Zalman ZM-MIC1, Cyber Acoustics CVL-1124.
But I dont know, they look pretty "simple" and I want something more "professional" for games and Voip (skype, teamspeak, ventrillo).
I thought about getting 'studio' microphone, attach it boom-case(windscreen?) with usb/pink banana Adapter with desktop holder.
what do think about the idea? its worth it for games, and the price worth it? (since the price is alot more than normal usb)

well, tell me what you think, and also give me recomended for models.

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If you're not looking to spend a whole lot, this mic has served me well for about a year now. Friends on skype say I'm crystal clear; no ambiance noises or static. Just recently a few of them even ordered themselves one, and I think they sound great. I'm sure you can find a better mic for a little more, but for the price, it is definitely one to consider.
I am currently using a Zalman Clip On with my A700's and HD800's. Everyone says it is very clear. The only downside is it picks up ambient noise because it's non-directional. I picked mine up off of FrozenCPU.com for $5.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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