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Suggestion: OCN Home Page Banner (Please Read)

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I think it would be cool if on the front page with overclocking news and latest discussions we could have a banner that may oscillate upcoming events, reminders, greetings, to the community such as: "Overclocking Competition March? (whatever) 2009", or "Congratulations to YOSHIBA 1,000,000 Folding Points", "Welcome to OCN", "Modding Competition 2009 (click for details)
They could be submitted and approved by a person or people (like mods).
It would be cool if they were graphical too, and were links to threads if possible

The idea is very similar to other sites like newegg's:

They of course wouldn't have to be as graphical or advanced but i'm sure you guys get what i'm saying. Im sure the photoshoppers of OCN would enjoy this, along with the rest of the community

It's basically the Overclock.net Related News and Information thread just only the real important ones displayed on the front page
EDIT: It wouldn't have to be on the top though either maybe just on the side with our rigs and those things
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What about a ticker instead? Not that your idea isn't good, but it would be more lightweight.
They already are designing a new design for the entire site. Its pretty much set in and includes some aspects of what you want. I also think that it is a bit usless... I mean we already have short cuts to EVERYWHERE, at somepoint you got to leave it to the user to find there way to a post.
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