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Sun Ultra 24 - Trouble after BIOS update 1.50 Please help

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Updated my BIOS from 1.10 to 1.50 using the window utility. After I restarted I have not been able to get back into windows.

Everytime I reboot I get the following:

CMOS Checksum Cleared
Press F2 to run Setup
Press F1 to load values and continue

pressing F1 tries to boot from the CD-ROM and then DISK 1 (no partition)
pressing F2 loads the bios setup which looks fine but when i specify the BIOS to boot DISK 2 (Bootable XP) it does not save my settings and tries to boot from DISK 1 instead.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I am dead in the water and desperately trying to figure this out. The motherboard appears to be from AMI: serial 3K01HQ

The only bios .ROM I can find is through sun.com and not AMI.com.
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I figured it out. found and downloaded an obscure bios flash program and placed it inside a boot floppy with the previous version of the BIOS. resolved.
could you attach to a message a copy of this bios file ... oracle won't give you old sun bios for free
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