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sunbeam pci bracket wiring

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I had to solder the wires but now the controller doesn't control the fan speed any more. How do I wire this correctly?

black and red went into the mobo, off the red and black is the 2 gray wires that connect to the fan.

Is the yellow wire what controls the voltage? I would think so considering that taking 2 wires to mobo and then from mobo would completely bypass the fan controller since electricity goes were it wants to.
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Originally Posted by Nick911
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Is the yellow wire what controls the voltage?

Can't tell what you're trying to do from that picture. Perhaps you could give a model number or a picture of the wiring instructions from the manual, and also tell what you are trying to do.

The yellow wire is the "speed sensor" wire. Every time a fan (3 wire, red/black/yellow) rotates it sends a signal through the yellow wire. The fan controller counts those signals (one signal per revolution) to determine how fast the fan is going.
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I have no picture or manual, if I did, I wouldn't be having a issue. I'm trying to control the fan speed from 0 to 12 volts. Thing is the controller isn't wired correctly. I thought how I wired it and explain how I did it was going to work, seems it did not.
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