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Hi, I came here through HWBOT, which I have discovered like a mont ago or so.. I love the idea of HWBOT's huge database with OC results for just about every kind of HW.

So I took some old hardware which has been lying around and I started tweaking and benching it. What a fun that is! It turns out that even low-end mobos without voltage options can be Volt-moded quite easily to supply well over the ussual 1,5-1,6V max. That's even more fun!
But there is a lot of information to learn in OC, that's mainly why I came here. So far I can only contribute with some volt-mods that I've done, but the mobos are mostly low-ends from AM2 / LGA775 era, so probably nothing really interesting.

Also, I'm more like a HW guy (I'm not a gamer) and electronics is what i do proffessionally, so I'm thinking of making a non-condensing peltier cooling system, because I'm too lazy to isolate the mobo, but I still want to use as much potential that is in today's TECs. Hope it will work as I expect it to work.

Have a nice day everyone!
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