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I decided the to buy the X10DRi-T4+, opting for the Quad 10 Gbit LAN (thinking it would probably be useful for me in the future)

Pretty excited about the fact the it has 4 LAN ports and an IPMI Lan Slot.
THen i stumbled upon the following problem:

The motherboard doesnt recognize the plugged in ethernet cable.
It had moments when it recognized it, but after a restart or after some video drivers uninstall, it "looses" the cable, as if no cable was plugged in. The cable works as i have tested it on laptop.

I have downloaded Ethernet drivers from the motherboard homepage, and to be honest i do not know what triggers the recognizing of the ethernet cable (working mode) and the not recognizing of the ethernet cable (not working mode)

Restarting the bios (load defaults) doesnt work. Probably if i reinstall the drivers multiple times and restart the bios multiple time, it will recognize the cable again, but i am sick of restarting/intalling/reinstalling/modifying drivers just to get a cable recognition. For now i am running a USB 3.0 Asus Wireless Adapter to get internet connection at all, luckily i had one lying around the home.

Motherboard bios Version is 2.0, i am running 4x16gb dimms ECC registered and two Xeons 2690v3, together with a PowerColor Devil 390x2 card.

Also my operating system is on a Samsung 950pro 512gb SSD connected to the motherboard through an Asus PCI Express 4x adapter.

I have no idea why i have this problem.
The ehternet ports are 10gbps, probably there is a cable incompatibility ???
But there shouldnt be one, as i had moments when the cable worked. I have wrote to Supermicro Staff, see if they know what the heck is going one, but i decided to post it here as well, perhaps some of you guys have an idea of what it might be !

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Only think I can think of is to make sure the lan1/2 port jumper is set to enabled. Try a different brand of ethernet cables too. I have had some types of ethernet cables that would randomly lose connection. If you have some of those, remove them and burn them.
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