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Superoverclocked 8500gt

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Ok...all of the sudden I noticed that my 8500gt will run warrock at 700Mhz core....and get temps of like 80C max. This is weird because in battlefield 2142 (broken) it got to like 88C at 569mhz. I cant go anyfurther becuase im using rivatuner and it wont let my slide it past 700...And powerstrip and ati tool are having driver issues....WTH is going on?

Edit: stock core is 459Mhz...im also running stock cooling.

EDIT: OK so now I found out how to increase maximum clock limit so im going to experiment and see how high I can get it to stable in warrock MAX settings.
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Because warrok's graphics suck compared to BF2142.
Because bf2142 is more demanding. hat res?

A 7600gt can run that game maxed with 4x aa and 8x af at 1024x768
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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