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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Screenshots/Videos Thread *56K DEATH*

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I will be posting screenshots here from the epic matches we have all the time here on OCN. If you would like to join on the epicness that is Forged Alliance then head on over to this thread and poast some toast.

And now the screenies to tempt you.

Can't beat me in resource generation...

Secret artillery installation to take out Alex lol.

You call that a nuke? Pfffft...

THIS is a nukes. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8... Inb4 strategic launch detected.

I would call that a dead base. Yup. Dead.


Experimental bombers FTW!

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Having fun with tactical missile launchers
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You have enough factories there Dylan?

I have a feeling who will win this...

Failed T1 bomber rush.

When it rains it pours.

Cool nuclear explosions.

Mavors are amazing.
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None shall pass:

+80 Mass production:

Lets go for a drive:

The source of all powah! Paragon:



Abandon ship!:

Nice walk in the park:

Bring the rain:

Strolling down the isthmus:

Strategic Launch Detected:

Need an umbrella, little guy?:

I love Rapid Fire Artillery:

Silly Fatboy:

Raining on teh Mavors:

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Cleaned up 27 posts, please keep it to screenshots only
We have another thread to discuss SupCom
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Originally Posted by Monkey92 View Post
THIS is a nukes. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8... Inb4 strategic launch detected.

Hope you guys won't mind me bumping a 4 month old thread.
! But i'm starting to get into SC:FG again and I must say I'd love this map but I don't know where to get it. "GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND" I know. But not to me. We haven't been besties for around 1 yr.
He never gives me anything I want.
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It's called World Domination. I believe you can find it at file front, but I'm not sure.
We also have a discussion thread where you should be able to find the map pack. If not, hit someone up in our Skype channel and they'll be able to send it to you
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