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Surround 5.1 questions

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I bought a 5.1 system and i dont know how it works, after i installed it i tried to do the Windows test and only the speakers worked so i thought i had drivers problems after hours of searching updates i rolled the drivers back and then updated them using the search online option.

Now i do the test and it works but i go to youtube and use some test videos and they dont work, only the front speakers are working. when i listen to a song i can only hear the front speakers and the subwoofer. My sound card is the SupremeFX X-Fi that came with my Rampage II Extreme. the software that came with it expired and i cant find a keygen to make it work.
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what system do you have and how many jack plugs do you have installed?

Its 2 channels per jack plug wich means you need 3 jackplugs. I think your problem lies there.
I plugged all 3 of them, Green, orange and black. That cant be the problem because they work when i do the test.
I don't think youtube supports 5.1. And most music is recorded in 2.1.

Try watching a real movie with 5.1.
It GREATLY helps if you tell us WHAT speakers they are. For example, if you have the X-540s by Logitech push the Matrix button.

Sometimes speakers have features to simulate 5.1 in a 2.1 environment, but only work with 2.1 sound coming out. In which case you push the button. Then to get 5.1 real back, you push the button again.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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