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Swan M10 in black...

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So I've seen the Swan M10's in black variously around the web (and in the pics here of people's office/computer room setups). Problem is, all I can seem to find available for purchase is the white version of the Swans...anyone know where I can get the black Swan M10's?

Much appreciated.
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Originally Posted by Nayoka;14142784
I've never seen them in black but I know the M50w is black
Yea, I was sort of hoping to go the 2.1 route...I may either go with the M50w and then save up for a sub later, or just go with the white M10's...they don't really match the rest of my room/gear, but I may be willing to sacrifice it for an out-of-the box 2.1 setup I don't have to spend more on later

Either way they're good speakers for that price. Thanks man!
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