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Swapping front Red LED for Blue LED fan on HAF X. Quick question.

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So as the title says, I am replacing the Red LED fan that comes stock on the HAF X to a blue one to keep the blue them of my mobo going on.

My question is, will I still be able to turn the LED on and off on the Blue on after its installed? I do not want to have a case with a LED switch on the front and not be able to use it.
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I'm not familiar with that case personally, but if you can turn the red LED on and off now you should beable to do the same with the blue. The only thing your changing is the LED not the controller.

edit: I thought you were just switching out the LED not the whole fan. It's going to depend how its wired. I would just try and wire the blue fan the same as the red. Does the red fan have 2 plugs? 1 for fan 1 for LED?
Does anyone konw how to remove the top bezel of the HAF X? I push the 4 clips in, but it seems to be locked down by 2 screws that are not accessible. Please enlighten me!
Nvm...there is 6 clips...
Ok, I just did this on my computer. There are actually 6 clips on the top portion.

Also, you can hook up the light to the switch, but you have to cut a couple wires for it to work.

In addition, if you want to put the red fan in the top section, you won't be able to screw it in. However, if you coerce the cables on the front panel just right you should be able to get it to fit up there nice and snugly. It took a while, but I have mine set up like that right now.
Originally Posted by Famousoverdose;13054465
Does anyone konw how to remove the top bezel of the HAF X? I push the 4 clips in, but it seems to be locked down by 2 screws that are not accessible. Please enlighten me!
There are six clips to the top bezel, not just four. One of the front ones is hidden behind the back panel, so you have to remove that first.

Also, if you want to have the switch control the blue led, you should be able to. If you look at how its wired, the switch is directly connected to the red led in the front, so if you cut the wire connected to the red led's, and attach them to the blue led and the power, if you do it right the switch should control the blue led.

I tried to attach the led switch to my inner case led strip, but there wasn't enough juice going to it to power the 30 or so led's my strip has AND the front leds, but otherwise it worked fine for me.
Yeah, I found the other 2 pins like 2 minutes after I posted that.

After removing the Red LED Fan, I could see there was an extra cable going from the Front USB to the Fan, and it was obvious if I wanted to be able to have the LED Button to work, I was going to have to do some custom wiring.


As you can see from the above image, this is the Red LED Fan that came with the case. It has a Red and Black wire on the upper part.


This one was the from the Blue LED Fan that I ordered. You can see the missing wire.

From what I am assuming, is I can take of the wire from the Red Fan and solder it onto the Blue fan after I take out the small black thing on the Blue Fan. Can anyone tell me if this would work because I really would like to be able to turn the LED off when I want to.

As for the switch, it looks good to me


I swapped out the Red LED Front Fan for a Blue one of the same brand. Went really easy except for the fact that the new one was not threaded. No big deal for me.

When it came to install, went smooth.
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