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OK, after reading this a few times....

Are you using the DELL Power supply with the DELL motherboard? or did you put the 300W in yiour siggy for fun?

As I have said 50 BILLION times, dell is almost completly non standered, as in, DELL Motherboard, DELL PS, DELL RAM.... If you plan on using the DELL PS, kiss the new motherboard goodbye, becuse dell is non standered, SO,

Dell motherboard+Reg PS=POOF
Aftermarket Motherboard+Dell PS=POOF

Get my point? Also, the ram is usally non-standered to...

Kinda funny, My Antec 350w SPII blew up, so I have to use my HP 250W, which is desent, but I had to go back to stock speeds on my CPU.

SO, Save a little more, get a good PS, Geting a non-name brand is a hit and miss game.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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