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Originally Posted by kevin_tsoi2000

I have finally decided to attempt to upgrade my computer. I don't quite have the money to buy a case, so I'm just going to stay with my Dell microATX case (plus it will be funny when people are saying, "Dude, Dell sucks", then I pwn their computer). I'm going with a the biostar TForce6100, as I have heard it is the best mATX board there is. I'm hoping to pair it with a AMD64 3200+, but if I find a good deal in the next few days (this is where you guys become all generous and offer your 3700+ at an extremely discounted price
) then I'll go with something better.

So, finally to my question. Has anyone swapped a Dell mobo out and put another mobo in? I'm just afraid Dell managed to make their parts non-compatiable with other motherboards. I'm still using the original HD and DVD drive. I probably will have to upgrade my power supply eventually (will a 300W even power a 3200+?). Thanks for helping take the first step guys!! lol

Only thing I have noticed with most Dell's is that the case opens on the right (if look at the front) instead of the left like 99% of the aftermarket cases. Other than the fact that all your PCI/PCIe devices will be upside down, it shouldn't be a problem.
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