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Swapping old Radeon cards in Linux

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I would like to test some old Radeon cards I have in a drawer without need to format or to do the tedious DDU process. Do I need to do a tedious process like in Windows for test them under Linux ? (In Windows is needed to uninstall drivers, reset in safe mode, execute DDU, restart and then install the new drivers). The cards are pre HD7000 series (HD2000 to HD6000 series) so I am not sure about the open source drivers. I already have Linux installed since years ago but I am not sure about swapping graphics cards (I didn't try before without reinstall the entire OS).
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Linux generally doesn't have any issue with swapping anything. I've transferred the same SSD between Intel / AMD. Radeon & AMD > Nvidia. The only possible issue is if you installed non repository drivers. Outside of that though it will be damn near transparent to the system.

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I am using currently the open source AMD drivers already included in the latest Linux kernels. Unlike years ago they're stable even with pre RDNA cards (but I just tested with HD6000 cards I didn't test the HD2000, HD3000 and HD5000 cards yet). I used previously the old Catalyst propietary drivers that gave more 3D performance but after the recent clean install I just left the open source ones. The propietary drivers were a real pain to install and to update.

I will try just switching the videocards then. Thank you.
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