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Sweet swingin' side panels!

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First, a few notes:

1) I proudly own a Xigmatek Elysium which I love very much.

2) I am less than thrilled with the side panel's mounting hardware.

Therefore, I've decided to change it to swing open on a hinge. If I can, I'll get really fancy and put a dual-position piston in, allowing me to click it shut or lock it ~90 degrees open, with a pin to swing it open further.

I'm really hoping to find someone who's done hinge mods on a case, I've never modded things before :O (unless pulling the front door off an old apevia counts, which I doubt

Tips, tricks and suggestions VERY welcome!

edit: in case you don't know the case, a pic! not mine, but pretty close (mine's got a window, check my sig build log for pics of it)

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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