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Switch to WC?

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I have about $200 to blow and I'm not happy with my Q6600's temps using the old Big Typhoon so it's time for an upgrade. Not really concerned about GPU or chipset cooling, just CPU.

Is that enough to get my foot in the WC door or should I just go with a TRUE and lap it?

I was looking at the Apogee GT, MCP350 and the MCR320 on Newegg, but I'm not sure how well that will perform, definitely not interested in wasting my money.
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Why not pick one of these coolers all of them work great
the Thermalright true


Xigmatek Darknight

or if you still want to w/c
comes with everything

kit includes
Complete CPU liquid kit incl. Apogee GTZ CPU water-block, MCR220 radiator & fans with pre-installed Radbox, MCP655-B pump, MCRES Micro R2 reservoir, tubing, smartcoils, Hydrx coolant, clamps, thermal compound, installation guide
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Look at petra's tech shop first for watercooling, as your going to need tubing, fan's, and barbs.

Here's an example of a decent sub 200 dollar kit, that would beat any of the above hsf's.

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I think its worth to go with water

Dunc4n put up a pretty decent kit, but I would maybe change the pump to a mcp655/d5 or mcp355/d4 (if you get the mcp355 or a d4 also buy a pump top!)
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If you want to save $$, get a TRUE 120 with a sweet 120mm fan (or 2...lol). If you want great cooling with very little noise (& if you have the room in your case/area) go H2O. I did & will not go back...its unbelievably quiet compared to air!
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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. WC is looking like the way to go, getting warmer here and I'm not sure air would get me the results I'm looking for.

Also, just saw another thread asking about a $200 WC setup, so sorry for posting this. Should've looked around more. lol

Good luck choosing parts
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I'm making the switch to liquid myself with my new build (If the damn ram and video cards ever arrive). Was looking at those same air coolers myself and decided it just wasn't worth a hundred dollar heat sink that would ONLY cool the cpu and leave me still struggling to cool the rest of my system... not to mention having to use my cpu case on its side to support the massive weight that would be on the motherboard (yeah you got it, I was crazy enough to consider a TRUE Copper) when I could liquid cool and solve all my problems in UV reactive style. However while I support liquid cooling of new rigs I do have one disagreement to point out - Liquid doesn't necessary mean quieter (although, for the same heat dissipation it almost certainly is). See, I'm one of those crazy bastards that strongly believes in overkill, and as such I will be sitting on a liquid cooling system containing TEN 35-40 decibel fans as well as a few case fans just for good measure.

Ok so that wasn't really necessary but hey it's late and I felt I might as well put that out there =p
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