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Switched from Amd

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Made the switch to Intel and just waiting on my cooler to get here to start overclocking. My previous rig was an m2n-32sli with a x2 4000 clocked at 2.8 was not cutting it any more. opinions welcome
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Whoa, nice upgrade, blackevo9!! I bet you'll see 4.0GHz pretty easily with that! Congratulations on getting such a good upgrade.
For sure a big change, grats on the new toys, hope you enjoy your new build!
Congrats man. Nice build btw.
Welcome to the dark side.

I am a recovering AMDoholic.

Intel is the 13th step.
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JK man.

I almost went for the E8500 but the cheap quad lured me back

You'll definately notice an increase in performance and 4GHz will be doable. Kids at my school we're pushing the E8600 to 4.75 under water and NO overclocking knowledge, lol.
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