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So, I had an asrock z77e itx motherboard that kept dying on me so I decided to switch to an msi z77ia e53.

Both of the motherboards are z77 mini itx motherboards.

I need some advice, I am positive I am good, but here it goes.

For my asrock board I downloaded these drivers...

1. realtek hd audio
2. INF driver (I think that is just the intel series 7 mobo driver)
3. intel managment engine
4. intel rapid start
5. intel smart connect
6. intel rapid storage
7. intel usb 3.0 driver
8. intel smart connect (I think I did)

As you see, all of these are intel drivers and universal afaik, so none are motherboard specific.

My computer booted into the old install fine and I have had no probs, just wondering if there will be any down the road. idk

The new mobo comes with these drivers

1. intel managment engine
2. intel chipset driver (like I said, I think that is the INF driver, correct me if I am wrong)
3. realtek hd autio
4. intel smart connect
5. intel rapid storage
6. intel rapid start

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It's been a while, but with Win 7 I just rolled back my driver for the SSD to the standard Win 7 driver (I never had any manufacturer specific software installed). I then pulled out my old X58, put in an Z68, new CPU and more RAM and booted back into Win 7 fine, ran Windows update.

Everything you listed above looks like the generic chipset drivers to me and the realtek driver is pretty common. Personally I don't think you'll have any issues but others might have had a different experience from me
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