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Swithcing to DYNDNS Paid Service

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I used to have a web server running out of my dorm / home using a homeip.net DNS deal.

I signed up for web hosting with lunarpages and it's HORRIBLE ... the renewal is due in 2 days.

I want to switch to DYNDNS and run email out of my apartment for the time being.

What would be involved in getting dyndns going?
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I'm assuming then you already have the program you're going to use for email and the knowledge of port forwarding on your router? Other than than, it's a matter or starting an account with dyn.com, moving your domain to them, and making your DNS records. Then put the updater client on one of your systems.
Yeah not much more to it than that, unless no have no program for handling your mail.
i use DynDNS standard paid version on my server, all i did was sign up tho it took about 1 hour to get set up by them. then configured my router DDNS settings with my DynDNS usernam, password and domain name. i choose the paid service as it allows me to use my domain name in the following format .mywebsite.com instead of .mywebsite.dyndns.com.

i also found that the service updates my IP with in 30secs max after extensive testing by renewing my IP allowing minimum downtime.
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