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Sysprep and joining the domain

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What do you guys think is better, joining the domain from sysprep in the sysprep.inf file or what i currently have is a batch file that runs after imaging that joins the domain. Just to start off the conversation if i do it from the sysprep.inf i could put an admin password back on the image instead of setting it remotely after the machine is imaged. A down side would be error checking, i have it built into the batch file that i use, but if the sysprep.inf fails i would have to do it by hand and that would suck.
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What do you mean by "putting an admin password back on the image"? If you mean setting the password to the Administrator account, add this to your batch file:


net user Administrator 12345
(where "12345" is your password)
I meant assigning an admin password via the sysprep.inf I had removed it for simplicty of automatically loging in a few times to update computer name and drivers and joining the domain etc.

I then just set that admin password remotly via the tool pspasswd from sysinternals.
I am unsure if i could have an admin password in the sysprep.inf and still autologon a few times like i currently do.
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Why not just use the "net user" command in your batch file? It will accomplish the same thing as setting it in sysprep.inf -- changing the password to the Administrator account. Only difference is, you get to control when it gets changed.

If you need the computer to reboot one or more times as it is being configured, and don't want to babysit it and type in the password, this is definitely the way to do it. I'm guessing you have several batch files, the previous one telling the next to run on next startup... if that's the case, have it set the admin password in the last file.
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