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Hello All.

I recently threw together some components in a new build and did very poor research on their compatibility, as I was just keen to finally get a new pc. The rig is currently air cooled but recently I have been thinking that water cooling might be more appropriate given my choice of case.

My rig is as follows:

CPU: 8700k
Cooler: NH D15s
Mobo: Asus Strix z370-I
RAM: G.Skill Trident 3600 Mhz
GPU: Gigabyte Aorus 1080Ti
SSD: 250Gb Samsung 960 Evo
Case: Define Nano S
PSU: be quiet! 600W SFX-L
Screen Acer Predator XB272 240Hz 1080p Gsync

Rig is primarily used for gaming at 144hz - 240hz at 1080p such as Overwatch, Rust and Natural Selection 2. Potential

Problems with the build:

1. GPU is a 3 slot card and is rammed right up against the PSU (which luckily fits due to the PSU being SFX) which blocks one of the three fans.
2. The SFX PSU cables are too short to comfortably reach the P8 and 24pin inputs (they fit but I dont like it)
3. GPU is being returned due to having some issues during games (getting refund)

This leaves me in the position of being able to put a bit more thought into what 1080Ti I get to replace it, so that the whole build fits and works properly. As I am now considering water cooling both the CPU and the GPU but am a novice and would therefor likely stick with AIO solutions. I was seeking advice on the following issues:

1. Hybrid AIO GPU cooling. I have been looking at the Gigabyte Aorus Waterforce 1080Ti Hybrid with 120mm AIO radiator/fan as it is only 2 slots and the clearance between the GPU and PSU would become a non-factor. Would this card be worth it in general with the ideal case conditions, and then also for my PSU-GPU space issue. Understand massive price difference, not a factor for me on this one.

2. The Gigabyte Aorus 1080Ti Waterforce edition has an included 120mm radiator/fan. Is this generally enough or would sticking a 240mm radiator on the end, had I the space, make much of a difference if I am going for maximum cooling?

3. CPU water cooling. With a Kraken x62 with it's 280mm radiator I've seen some people say this will fit in the front of the case while some places say it will not. Is it worth while over a d15s air cooler?

4. System and Radiator Fans. Are the fans that come on the radiators with water cooling usually the best or would it be worthwhile sticking some higher end static pressure fans on? If I want a silent system with the option of high end performance and the resulting noise would I be better off getting maximum performance fans and then dialing them back with fan curves to make it silent unless the system really needs it versus getting "silent" fans that will never be able to be dialed up to be "high performance" fans?

5. Water cooling warranty. One of the major things stopping me from going through with water cooling is the fear of leaks. I understand these days the probability of leaks is pretty low and that you are more likely to suffer from a pump failure, but the chance is still there. I've read that many people generally get their components replaced by NZXT for example, while their website specifically states they are not responsible. Is this the same story with hybrid GPU coolers if they suffer a leak and water gets on other components?

6. Power cables. Any suggestions for solving the too-short P8 and 24pin cables?

Apologies for the large numbers of questions, appreciate the help.

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Probably go with AIO cooling if you are already running into space issues and really keen for water cooling.

With the psu cables, your power supply is fully modular, so you can just buy longer cables.

Not sure about the warranty issue, but i assume that if you went with AIO you would have some cover against leaks provided you installed it as the manual says to etc.

Definitley go for the best quality fans, its not a huge amount of difference between the average ones and the good ones, might as well get the best performing and quietest operation you can find.
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