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OK I was OCing my FSB with my Celeron 2.5ghz. I enabled the sytem fan monitor to check to make sure my fan does not run too low on rpm. It said it would alert me if it went below 1500rpm. So i save the changes, but when i restarted my computer it gave me the alert and i cant even turn it on and get into my BIOS to disable it...Anyone got some suggestions?
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Try clearing your CMOS, either pull the CMOS battery for 10 seconds, or use the CMOS jumper (if you know where it is)

You should be able to restart after that.

I wouldnt bother monitoring a fan if you see the fan spinning and the temps are decent.

If you want, try motherboard monitor 5 to do it... non bios based monitoring keeps you from running into these types of errors
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