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I recently built this system a few months ago:

Windows 7 Ultimate
PSU: Thermaltake TR2-600w
Mobo: MSI 870A Fuzion
CPU: Phenom II 970
Memory: Corsair DDR3 1200
GFX: GeForce GTX 550Ti

Now, if I shutdown for a long period of time, upon start up windows is very unstable. Random crashing in using my browsers (IE, Firefox, and Chrome). My games blue screen. Its just a mess.

The first time this happened I thought something was not properly set. So I shut it down, disassembled the whole thing, and put it back together. Started up no problem. Though, to my amazement the next day it was back to doing the same thing. Come to find out that as long as the power was totally cut from the computer it starts up just fine.

I tried to google some of the symptoms but could not find anything to really help me out with figuring out the true problem.

Has anyone heard of this happening, or any clue on where to start without RMAing individual pieces to find the root cause?

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Originally Posted by Hen_Vorsh
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Alright will do. My current BIOS is V10.2, the latest one is 10.5 (http://www.msi.com/product/mb/870A-F...tml#/?div=BIOS)
Do I need to install each individual update, or can I skip right to the latest version and get all previous updates?

Can skip to the latest.
However, if you dont have issues if power is completely cut from system. Check for any loose motherboard standoffs, didnt leave any loose screws in there? Almost sounds like a ground issue.
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