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Hi Guys

So I am getting some very strange behavior from my computer.
Specs are as follows :

I7 5930K
Msi X power AC
MSI GTX 980 TI golden edition
Kingston DDR4 2666 MHz ram
Evga supernova G2 750 W psu
Various ssd and hdds

I can use the computer perfectly fine for surfing, youtube etc.
But when I load up a game or run a benchmark the Pc will freeze after about 5-10 min,
then the screen turns black and the computer reboots on its own.

Once the pc has rebooted I can run everything for hours and hours without problems until the next time I turn the PC off.

Eventviewer says Kernel power 41, bugcheckcode 278 whenever these lock ups occur.

Various tings I have tried to solve the problem :
Updated mobo bios
reset everything to stock, no oc on anything
Checked temps, CPU never goes above 60 and gpu never above 80
Ran memtest, passed without problems
Ran DDU and wiped all the gpu drivers and made a fresh installation

I really don't know what the problem is, If it is a faulty psu or gpu, why does it work after the pc has rebooted??

Any input would be appreciated
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