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System Saved confirmation?

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Every time I tell a New Member how to put their system in their signature, I always type it out like this:
  1. Click on "User CP" on the black bar at the top (alternatively, click on the Quick Links menu off to the left, and choose "User Control Panel" which is located on the 3rd dark bar down from the top)
  2. Once you're in the User CP, click on "Edit System" located on the Left.
  3. Fill it in as thoroughly as you can. Try not to leave anything out if you can.
  4. If you have any additional systems, then use "Add System".
  5. Once you're done, you can save it by either pressing Enter in any of those fields, or just click on "Save Changes" at the bottom. You'll know it's saved when you're automatically scrolled back to the top (there's no confirmation).
Notice the part that I emphasized. I include this in my instructions because there's an inconsistency here: when we click Save Changes for editing our Details, or Options, or pretty much anything other than the System, there's always a really obvious form of confirmation. In most cases, we're simply brought back to the User CP as though it's saying "Done." But with the System, it's not nearly as obvious.

So, my suggestion is to change it so that when you click "Save Changes" after editing your system, it brings you back to the User CP. Or, better yet, it brings you to your system the way everyone else sees it.
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