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System service exception BSOD

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So I had gotten this BSOD a long time ago but I haven't had it until last night when I got one. Today my computer has had at least 15 BSOD's.
I have spent the last hour googling and I came upon a program called "who crashed" which I ran and it told me that my problem is ntoskernl.exe.
I have done some googling but I can't seem to find much regarding fixing this problem with windows 7. Some places say that I just need to update my drivers (which is hardly possible at the rate my computer is crashing), and some say I need to replace a whole bunch of files.
If anyone can tell me how to fix this file it would be greatly appreciated.

O and on the blue screen I get:
*** stop: 0x0000003b plus a whole bunch of other numbers I can type out if needed.
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It could be an overheating issue; is the inside of the PC dusty?
shouldn't be, it's a 6 month old laptop. It never BSOD during games in the past either, just during regular use now.
Daily bump, any input is appreciated.
I would backup important files and reformat.
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I am thinking that is what I might have to do. So far I have:
-uninstalled ATI driver, ran driver sweeper and then reinstalled
-reinstalled chipset driver
-ran a registry cleaner
-did a virus scan

After all this I thought it was fixed after playing an hour of half-life 2 and surfing the net with no problems but when I woke up today it was on blue screen. I may try and go through reinstalling a few more drivers before I reformat. So in the meantime if anyone knows anything about the ntoskernl.exe file I would like to hear it.
If you reformat and still BSOD, do not be discouraged. You have almost certainly eliminated data corruption or conflict as cause and you can then focus on hardware issues.
I seriously hope it's not a hardware issue... I don't want to have to send my lappy to dell.
Before you reformat check Device Manager to make sure all is well. You should look for devices misidentified, yellow exclamation points and red Xs.
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