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I got my Tuniq Tower today, installed it and started up my system. when it loaded up first i thought it was taking a bot longer than ususal, and then was quite slow when it started. i opened TAT and my core temps were 20c lower than they used to be so i figured i installed it ok.

i then restarted my computer to have a bit of an overclock, every time i changed something in BIOS it would freeze as soon as i pressed enter to change another setting. i saved it after each change and changed my ram timings and then my vcore, booted it ups just to see hte difference in temp, then when i pressed the stress button on TAT to see the change in temps it froze. i restarted it and then came back a few minutes later and it was frozen on my screensaver. i restarted it again and nothing happens. the lights turn on and it spins up a bit (not as loudly as normal), but my monitor stays blank (on standby so its not receiving a signal). i put a jumper on hte cmos reset but still nothing happens (i took the jumper off before i restarted, i figured i was meant to).

what should i do???
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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