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Hi everyone!

So, does anyone here still play tactical ops? It's a couple of years old now, but one of the best shooters ever,... in my opinion anyway... ;D It's also a league game, so there's definately a good reason why people still play it!
Try it out if you don't know it yet,... it's entirely FREE and is supported and patched by an excellent community!

Now if there are any experienced TO gamers here, I'd appreciate a link to decent forum, similar to overclock.net (I'm asking too much,... ain't I...
) where you're actually helped!

Maybe UT gamers can help out too,..it's a mod.

I've got problems adjusting my fps. Somehow I'm stuck on 50 (which is ok...) but since my monitor does 85Hz I'd like to set it at that. If I turn vsync off I can set it to (just for example...lol...) 500fps,... but then I get a slight disstortion horizontaly along the middle of the screen!

It's frustrating me, and on the tactical ops forums I've been to I just don't get any replies. View yes,... but no replies...???

Anyway,... not really the right place for this sort of prob I guess,... but I'm desperate and people here are allways so helpful,...

So,... if,... by chance,... you happen to be pro-gaming Tactical ops and have a hint ot two for me
feel free to post away!

If not,... google and download the sucker NOW! But be prepared to never leave the house again!
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