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Taking the WC path, need advice

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Alright so another one of these posts,
Around Christmas time, I'm going to switch from air cooling to water cooling, and I'd like input on what I've selected so far, what I'm missing, any other useful suggestions welcomed
. What I'd like is for this to be as quiet as possible, my tower is right besides me and too much noise would annoy me after a while. My budget is about 300-400$(CAD), I only want to do one loop for my cpu.
Alright so here's what I've picked so far

CPU block: heatkiller 3.0 1366 (I'm pretty set on this one, and from what I've seen everyone agrees with this choice)

RAD: XSPC RX360 ( I've heard this is a better alternative then the black ice series if I want this to be quiet)

PUMP: Swiftech MCP355 ( same explanation as rad, this one opposed to the 655)

TUBING: I'd like input on this I'm not really sure what to take, I've seen those anti-kink ones around are those worth it or are they a useless gimmick ?, And for the size of the tubing what do you guys suggest ?

RES: for the res I'm getting the custom "Inverse T-Virus" from a member here on OCN, they just look too sweet

And then there's the clamps,fittings,fans,etc for those I have no clue what to take,which is better and what size.
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Alright thanks for that, and for the pm, just heads up for any1 else also, I'd like to order everything from performance-pc just to keep one cart and not multiple shipping fees. Does the diameter of the tubing actually have a big impact on temps or its just kind of personal preference?
I don't know the price in CAD, but you may consider the XSPC top (not res-top as you already have one) as it really opens up the 355. This is kind of necessary anyway as the 355 comes with irremovable 3/8" barbs on the stock top, and I'm assuming you're going to want to run 7/16" tubing.

Very nice radiator choice, you'll be very happy with the noise of the system with the RX360. Remember to get a fan controller if you don't already have one, the Sunbeam Rheobus is a nice inexpensive choice, and it can take 3 of the panaflos juggalo mentioned on one channel.

You should be able to keep the fans on a minimum setting for all but extreme gaming with that setup for very quiet computing.

Of course I have to remind you to pick an anti-microbial solution, either silver or PTNuke.
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Yea for the anti-microbal solution I'm picking up some PTNuke, the fan controller is added to cart as we speak
, I'll have a look at the top, but what exactly is the advantage of it ? sorry I'm new to this whole watercooling thing, trying to keep up as much as possible

EDIT: oh do you suggest changing the top because the tubing won't fit on the stock barbs?, sorry I'm kinda sleepy atm
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The stock top on a 355 has plastic 3/8" barbs as part of the mold. They can't be removed, and will only work with 3/8" tubing. Getting an after market top solves this issue as it has g1/4" fittings so you can use any sized barbs you like.

The advantages of an aftermarket top are relatively large increases in flow. With your radiator and a similar block it's about a 2.1 liter/min flow rate increase which is very good. That's about a 30% increase in flow for 20$!
ah alright now I get it thanks for that, and as for the barbs I wanna get 1/2" ones like Juggalo suggested I'm guessing ? and for the panaflo's which one's should I pick, If I take the L1 low-noise one's will I see a big impact on temps as opposed to the medium or high speed ones, remember I'd like the noise level to be as low as possible. If I switch the pump for the MCP655, do I still need a different or does it have the proper fittings ?
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