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Question: why the 16C/32T limit in the i7 category? That limits X299 users to the 7960X; they can’t use the 7980XE and its 18 cores. Both of them will likely have enough thermal issues that the 12.5% extra cores on the 7980XE won’t be close to 12.5% higher PPD.

Admittedly I’m not familiar with either CPU’s folding performance, but I am familiar with the abysmal thermal limitations. A 7960X due to its reduced core count and therefore power consumption ought to hit somewhat higher clockspeeds than a 7980XE and reach similar performance.

If you’re worried about paying to win, just remember that there’s a $1000 difference between a 7980XE and 2950X. That’s a lot of extra money to be thrown at a cooling system.
1 - 2 of 92 Posts
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