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Tee line users: how often?

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Tee Line users: Just like what the title suggests, after you've fully bled/primed your system, how often do you fill/top off your loop.

I'm just curious since I just got my first WC system up and running today.

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If your using nothing except pt nuke and distilled you can get by by refilling every year. If your heavy on additives such as dyes you should drain and refill ever 4 months.
oh ok.

I thought that I would need to top it off at least once a month. I'm talking topping off the fill line.

Because as far as I know, if the coolant level in the fill line sinks below the tee line, I will get bubbles in my loop correct?

Don't most people maintain at least 1/2 full (or more) fill line?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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