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Telepathic Speakers? O_o

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Just a strange observation I've made:

Every time I send or receive a text from my cell phone, my computer speakers go "ba-da-bup, ba-da-bup, ba-da-bup". It's really weird. Does anybody know why this is happening? Is it some kind of interference?
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Yes, it's just the speakers picking up the signal(or partial signal or something) from the phone. On my old phone, my TV and computer speakers both would make beeping noises like that right before the phone would ring/text message, etc.
lol on the telepathetic. its cross frequency. ur speakeres are picking up frequency hence txt and incoming calls.
My PC speaker at work do that. I can always tell when a call or txt is coming. I freak people out telling them right before it goes off, lol.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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