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I use Real Temp and it works absolutely fine for me. It has a maximum temp readout which is what you should really pay attention to when you're checking your thermal thresholds.

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Here is list of awesome programs

Core Temp same as real temp. You can log the usage/temps into an excel doc

EVEREST Ultimate Edition This program lets you monitor mobo, gpu, and voltages. pretty much everything. lots of good stuff here

AIDA64 same as EVEREST but, I think its just a newer version

HWiNFO This is my favorite program. This lets you monitor pretty much everything in game.

Here is a link how to set it up

I monitor

line 1 cpu speed, voltage, load %, temp
line 2 gpu 1 core, memory, memory usage, core temp, load %
line 3 gpu 2 all the same things
line 4 ram, usage in MB, % of ram used, ram available
line 5 vreg temp, mobo temp, voltage on 12v rail
line 6 Framerate

Its a lot of stuff I know but you can limit what you want to monitor. I use afterburner and just have Framerate enable in game monitor. I can still record video and screen shots!

Here is screen shot of mine

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