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Hey all

Just a quick question, as i am about to setup my aquaero 5 with temperature sensors..

I have a Bitspower Stop temperature fitting mounted in the top of a radiator, like this


but i am a bit concerned that the probe of the fitting is not fully submerged, as no water was in the thread area of the radiator when i screwed off the stop fitting to replace it with the bitspower temperature fitting..

im debating with myself weather i should move the temperature fitting to the reservoir where i can see the fitting, and make sure its 100% fully submerged. or if i will get just as good results with the fitting where its placed now.

(looks better where its placed now, and would have to take out some of the coolerant to move it to the res, so a rebleed would be needed if that was the case.)

afraid that whatever little air-pocket that resides in the thread area of the rad will affect the temperature measurement of the probe, and the fact that the probe might not be 100% submerged.

any takes ?

Move ? or leave ?

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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