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Temperatures . core temp , tmpin1 ?

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I am running a 3510mhz Athlon II x4 ( 35% OC ) Core temp is reporting 35-38idle , and 47-50 load ( prime95 ) after 1 hour .

I did find some other temps TMPIN1 and its reporting temps of 41-45 when PC idle , and 55-60 load . What is tmpin1 ? Is Tmpin 1 the Internal CPU heat sensor , and Coretemp is only showing the socket temp ?
Either way , i think 73c is the max for my cpu . are these temps stable/okay ?
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Originally Posted by ronnin426850;14156842
HT?? HT operates best @stock 2000Mhz, don't raise it above that. Also, although you do have some room for OC, don't take it unless you need it
Operating the CPU @its max temp is far from recommended
He means HT ref clock, FSB in other words.
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