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temps high?

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68 C idle on 6800 gt high or low?
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High-end video cards are always going to create a lot of heat, Ive seen benchmarks where some temps often reach 100c
68c idle temp is very, very bad. id start to worry.
ok first download coolbits 3d and force fan on
then u remove one of the expansion bay slots under the gpu so it can ventalate better. id also reccomend a new driver that comes with it. the 71.20b's the best for me. http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=948 manual install so ask if you need help
and BTW that 68c idle is hotter than my full load. my load is 60c sometimes 59c but if you have good ventalation by removing the expansion bay metal bars, (the one right under it). by doing that the hot air will seep out the back so your temps wont go as high when ur on load either
if the heat is able to seep out the back expansion slot under the gpu the heat build up wont be as great in the case
PCI slot fan?

Lol i have this 40 mm like super glued next to where my card was high cfm for a 40 blowing on the top...i dunno if sucking or blowing helps more...lolprolly blowing on it
no.... if you have a pci slot fan move it down to the second pci slot one under the graphics card and remove the first expansion slot one under the gpu. it has been proven to atleast drop a minimum of 6c and max of 11c by doing that.
Well that 40mm fan i was talknig about isnt a PCI fan but im interested in gettin one of those do they help OC'ing much, If placed right?
yes they do and remember to remove the expansion bay bar right under the gpu and put the pci fan the second one down and if you have any other pci cards put them at the bottom so it wont get as heated. and yes the way u place your cards does affect temperatures
yikes that way 2 high!
listen to me and your temps will b fine
yup GT! is right
he aint responding to his own post lol

Originally Posted by GT!

he aint responding to his own post lol

im totally lost......
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lol............................................... .....
thats bad...u dont have enough airflow...put a fan near it

Originally Posted by Waffles
idle temps now 53 C
nice drop 15c i like my technique it works great!!! sucess cant u smell it
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