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So someone has apparently gotten an early copy of February's GameInformer magazine, which has a lot of information and pictures of the new TES game.

Looks pretty damn awesome!



From reading the article, some new features will include dynamic snow, swaying trees/branches from wind, smithing, woodcutting, mining, cooking.
Also states that there are 5 massive cities, which is considerably less than in Morrowwind or Oblivion, but I think that it can be pulled off pretty well.

"Dragons may attack cities as well."


Set for 11/11/11, The article also says that the game will include something like the perk system from Fallout 3, which should allow for more individual and unique characters, which is also sick. Also new is sprinting, body editting, beards (!), new engine of course (finally), Dual-Wielding, Weird Spell and/or Attack combination thing, and further improved NPC AI and expressions and the such.

Can't wait, the game looks insane.

Annnnddddd discuss!

Source (Go here for the rest of the pictures to!):

(Copied from my identical Team Liquid thread >.>)

Didn't look like it had been posted yet, so I posted it

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Remembering how Todd promised and showed off dynamic shadows for Oblivion in a PR video but all we had anything but dynamic shadows. I say take these with a grain of salt, take everything from Bethesda with a grain of salt.

I personally think that this game will be DX9 title with few high-res textures applied here and there. Maybe animations will be revamped as well. But nowhere in hell this game will come close to make our high-end rigs kneel (which Oblivion did when it came out).

This game can be huge success or another lifeless RPG experience like other Bethesda games. Everything lies in a few basic steps Bethesda has to take. Today i see that some of these steps were taken (No face locked conversations, no Oblivion-like level scaling) but there are some other things which i doubt Bethesda will ever consider to bring to life. Like voice casting for the main character (ala Mass Effect 1&2). In every Bethesda game i feel my character is lifeless. I don't have any idea what kind of person he is and it's very hard for me imagine something for my character because i can't hear his/her voice and see his/her gestures, face mimics, smiling or getting mad. There are no emotions.
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