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good for teachers who give computerized tests<br />
this is the first version, there are probably many tweaks that could make this thing a whole lot better and i am going to improve a whole lot, this is the second C++ program i have ever made (started learning last week).<br />
when you unzip the RAR there will be 3 exe's<br />
One makes the test (up to 10 questions so far)<br />
One takes the test<br />
One grades the test<br />
(you can figure it out by the name)<br />
three .cpp files<br />
two .txt files (DONT EDIT)<br />
I think it has good potential. i am gonna make it so that you can enter name and it will export answers to an answers.txt in a subdir with youyr name then the grading program you can enter the name of the person and it will look in that persons subdir (right now all files are operating in the same folder as this is the first version; jsut wanna get the framework working for now)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts