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[TEST] Is fps a linear relationship with clock speed?

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So, I've been hearing around that intel cpu's bottleneck a graphics card until around 2.6GHz, so I'm out to test this theory.

I'm going to be using an E7200 on a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P motherboard, along with my 8800GT.

I'll start benchmarking at around 2.2GHz, then slowly wind it up to ~4Ghz, and record all the results.

One question though, do you think I should go early for a high fsb and low multiplier, then raise the multiplier as I go, or keep the multiplier the same and run the ram in linked mode, raising the fsb as I go? I'm going to be using 2x 1GB OCZ Gold PC2-8800 (1100MHz).
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keep the multiplyer the same, or it could make varie the benchmark. A higher multiplyer is faster then a higher fsb in real life performance
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