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Testing Vista's different memory configurations

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WE WANTED to find out about what happens when you upgrade your memory amount with Vista.
Everyone knows that Vista needs more memory and we tried a few scenarios to discover the difference between certain memory setups.

This is just the first part of the memory testing that we plan to conduct in the few coming days.

We used a high-end machine only, powered with Core 2 Duo 6700 CPU and EVGA's latest greatest 680i SLI Premium motherboard.

We ran tests to determine what happens when you upgrade from 512MB to 1GB from 1GB to 2 GB and so on.

We used 32-bit Vista and ran into the memory allocation problem. Once you move to 4GB, this board only sees 2814MB of memory. The graphic card and some other devices ate more than a gigabyte of system memory. We are currently testing the 2GB and 4GB setup under Vista 64 but the Vole is not being cooperative on this subject.

Rest is all here :http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=36148
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Its called system cache, vista is bad about that you have set it manually change at the CMI
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