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[TH] Intel Announces $2 Billion Habana Labs Acquisition

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Source: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-announces-dollar2-billion-habana-labs-acquisition

Intel today announced that it acquired Habana Labs for $2 billion to "accelerate the delivery of best-in-class [artificial intelligence] products for the data center."

This acquisition happened relatively early in Habana Labs' existence. The company emerged from stealth in September 2018 with a new chip, Goya, made specifically for deep learning inference workflows. Goya was said to offer improved performance over the GPUs many companies relied on for their AI work.

Intel said in the announcement that Habana has another chip, the Gaudi AI Training Processor, that is "currently sampling with select hyperscale customers." Training systems based on Gaudi are "expected to deliver up to a 4x increase in throughput versus systems built with the equivalent number of GPUs," the company said.
Smart move by Intel especially since they're going to be releasing their GPUs.
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AI is basically this generation's internet. Someone is looking to be the next Google, and Intel has a pretty good shot at it.
nVidia currently owns and dominates this market which they helped craft starting with Fermi. You can have hardware but without a software ecosystem it's meaningless. All the giant Cloud computing services designed for machine learning are using nVidia GPUs, mostly their Tesla T4: Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Red Hat OpenShift 4. We'll see how Intel plans to take on an ecosystem which is stated to be the de facto standard for data-parallel computing.
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