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An influential game is much more than the inclusion a new gameplay feature that then is duplicated in future games. An influential game must establish a paradigm that reforms entire genres or sets a precedent that is so advanced that future game developers are forced to follow it. When considering games that have been released within the last few years, it is important to separate those that were a novelty or only influenced a small sector of the video games industry from those that truly revolutionized and influenced all games.

With these prerequisites in mind, Pong is undoubtedly the most influential of all video games. It brought video games into the home for the first time and also established video games as a viable form of entertainment. Pong is the obvious first choice and therefore we've decided not to include it in our Top 15 list. You will find that our shortlist is composed primarily of older or pioneering games that were birthed in the arcades and whose concepts have withstood the test of time. There are countless modern games that will undoubtedly make the list a few years from now, but it's impossible to predict if features that we've found innovative in recent years will ever catch on with the mass market.

Source- GameSpot
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