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The $2,000 First-Time Build

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Hi all,

I'm getting ready to build my first, and want to keep it under two grand.

I've spent some time doing some research, and would really appreciate some input/advice. I went through Newegg and picked out the following parts, please let me know your thoughts and if I've left anything out. Thanks!

•Case: Antec 1200 for $179.99

PLUS Two extra Antec fans for $40.00 total. Do you think the extra fans are necessary/desirable?

•CPU: Intel Core i7 920 Nehalem 2.66GHz 4 x 256KB L2 Cache 8MB L3 Cache LGA 1366 130W Quad-Core Processor for $288.99

•Heat Sink to replace the CPU's stock sink
COOLER MASTER Hyper Z600 RR-600-LBU1-GP CPU Cooler for $59.99

•Memory: 12GB (6x2 comp w/ MB + chipset) for $239.99

•Motherboard: EVGA 132-BL-E758-A1 LGA 1366 Intel X58 $299.99

•Power Supply: Antec NeoPower 650 Blue for $119.99

•Video Card: Sapphire for $404.99

•Hard Drive: Western Digital $79.99

•OS: Not sure on this. Either Vista or XP 64, what are your thoughts?

•Optical Drive: Not sure on this either; any recommendations?

NOTE: I was going to get some thermal Compound for $6.99 as well, but not sure about the brand or what I'll actually be doing with it. Thoughts?

Thanks again; I appreciate the help!
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w/ 2k, you can get 2 4870x2 and a 1kW PSU w/ Nehalem and good mobo

no need for 12 gigs of ram, and you can get a SSD.
uhm you're in the wrong thread?

anyway, i would suggest you get a higher psu, like 750w or highers so you can get a headroom for another 4870x2 card in the future.

if you like cm, get this cooler instead of that

and it's pointless getting that vga cooler, you'll be just getting the same performance with stock. i'd get this one instead since it's more effect

get this one instead
Do you really want to spend 2k on a new build? I figured a 1k~ build is good enough, i'm sure if you build a computer for 1k you will be satisfied and your wallet would thank you.
Switch to this RAM you don't need 12Gb RAM 6Gb is plenty.

Link -> Click Here

Switch to this PSU and you won't have to upgrade for while and you will have some head room.

Link -> Click Here

Finally I think the drive you chose was excellent but if you want the best of the best get these in Raid 0 and they fly. Load anything real fast.

Link -> Click Here

the CM V8 is a good Heat sink for core i7, but if you want one of the best get a Thermal Right Ultra 120 Extreme with the 1366 bracket.

Link -> CM V8
Link -> TRUE

This is a good Optical drive and its cheap.

Link -> Click Here

Everything else you chose is great stuff. Hope this helped.
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Just a note: I bought GTA IV for the PC but in the middle of the install I got some CRC errors.

I googled and various sites said it was a optical drive problem.

I then installed on my mom's notebook and didn't get any error, so I could copy the files and play the game properly.

So, don't go for cheapo optical drives. Yes they'll work OK, but at some point they may crap on you.
change the cpu cooler to a CoolerMaster V8

and go for windows vista 64-bit or windows 7
someone just got real excited and has money to blow, that why he didnt post it in right thread,lol. sounds like a good build to me except. dont cheap out on psu. get a good 1k watt psu, case is fine i love mine but get good fans. dont go for more antec fans. 12 gig mem is just a damn waste of money, 6 gigs and you are golden for a long time. the money you saved on ram you could get a decent blu ray player for you new build. 4870x2 even now is still a great card so that is ok, and i love my saphire. a couple 320 gig hdd's and you are fine. in a year or so solid state drives will be more affordable and always a better choice over a cheapo hdd that can crap out on you at any moments notice. get a corsair 1k watt psu my 750 watt psu is the best purchase i made. soild as hell and the price is unbeatable, and quiet too
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Originally Posted by ACLosey
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Hi all,

NOTE: I was going to get some thermal Compound for $6.99 as well, but not sure about the brand or what I'll actually be doing with it. Thoughts?

Thanks again; I appreciate the help!

Was I the only one that noticed that? Not sure what to do with thermal compound? How are you gonna build a computer not knowing what to do with this?

Sorry if I misunderstood and thats not actually what he meant.
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get a PLEXTOR optical drive THE BEST optical drives!!! Super fast and super quite, also im sure the AMD guys are gonna love this build in there section
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I would get a GTX 295, benchmarks are much better than the 4870 X2.
case - antec 1200
fans - get yate loons much better and cheaper link
cpu - core i7 920
mobo - asus p6t deluxe is what I chose over the evga x58 but both are good
memory - 3x2gb ocz platinum ddr3 1600mhz (6gb is plenty to start with and less slots of ram used=better oc)
gpu - gtx 295 gets my vote, but personally i am not a fan of dual gpu cards, so I would get 1 gtx 285
hdd - 2 western digital 640gb caviar black in RAID 0
psu - corsair tx850 or if you want modular, go silverstone 750w or more
heatsink - true, noctua, xigmatek s1283 are all good
thermal compound - ic 7 diamond
optical drive - samsung 22x sata dvdrw
os - vista 64 or windows 7
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